How Do I Merge Ancestry Family Trees?

If you’re considering merging family trees on your Ancestry account, it’s essential to know that currently, does not provide a direct feature for merging trees. However, you can still consolidate information from multiple family trees manually by following our guide on merging Ancestry trees. This guide will help you understand the process of transferring data between trees.

How To Merge Family Trees On Ancestry

If your Ancestry tree consists duplicate people in it, then you can try to merge them together on your Ancestry account. When you merge those duplicate people together, you may keep the important information from both individuals and when any facts my conflict, you can select which information you want to keep.

  1. Navigate to the “Trees” section: Once you’re logged in, look for the “Trees” tab at the top of your account page. This is where all your family trees live on Ancestry.
  2. Upload a new tree: Within the “Trees” section, you’ll see an “Upload a Tree” button. Click on this to begin the process of uploading your GEDCOM file.
  3. Select your GEDCOM file: After clicking on “Upload a Tree”, you’ll see a “Choose File” button. Click on this and navigate to where your GEDCOM file is saved on your computer. Select the file that you want to upload.
  4. Upload the file: With your GEDCOM file selected, click on the “Open” button. This will initiate the upload process. Ancestry will then start scanning your GEDCOM file and creating a new tree on your account.
  5. Edit your new tree: Once the upload is complete, your new tree will be added to your account. It’s now just like any other tree on Ancestry. You can add to it, edit it, and share it with others.

To upload your family tree to Ancestry, ensure merged trees have consistent data to avoid duplicates. If there are trees with varied levels of detail when merging, then it is prudent to create a new tree in order to keep a record of all the information. With this strategic consolidation, you can be sure of having a more complete and accurate insight into your family’s heritage and legacy.

Adding Family trees to Ancestry

If you already have a family tree on any other website or in the genealogy software, that you want to upload to your Ancestry account, you can do so by uploading it in the form of GEDCOM. It (GEDCOM) refers to Genealogical Data Communication file. Once you have the family tree on the Ancestry account, Select the larger tree as the initial point and then enter the information manually from other smaller family trees or copying individuals one by one from small tree to the larger tree. Copy Someone Else’s Tree

If you want to copy a people from one family tree to another, then go through the Tools on the profile sections of an individual you Would like to copy and select + Save to tree.

At a time, you can copy only a single person from tree. This tree copy method can be applicable for both between two trees of same account or you can also use this method between a tree that appears in the search result and a tree of your account. You can’t copy a living people or a person from private trees.

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