How To Reset Your Account Password

In this section, we’ll guide you through the process of resetting your account password. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your password it happens to everyone at some point but also address a significant concern that some users have reported the issue of ancestry wrong information. To ensure quick and secure access to your account, It is essential for the security and protection of data to use a strong, unique password. To assist you in resetting your password, this guide has been created. Please follow the process below to reset your account password now.

1). Visit “” and click the “ancestry sign-in” button situated on the right side of the page.

2). Next, navigate to the sign-in page and select the “Don’t know your password” option provided.

3). Afterward, proceed to the new page to “Reset Your Password” by entering your email address and clicking “Continue.”

4). will send an email to initiate the password reset process.

5). Examine your email and click the confirmation link to “Generate The New Password.”

6). Finally, input your new password on the designated screen and click “Save.” Ensure it contains 8 to 24 characters, including letters and symbols.

Changing your password is an easy process with a few simple steps. By following the guidelines above, you can swiftly regain access to your account using a secure, newly generated password.

Ancestry Account Resetting Password Issues Troubleshooting

Why Is My Ancestry Password Reset Not Working?

There could be several reasons for this issue such as a typo in your email address, a temporary technical issue on the website, or the reset email being directed to your spam folder. If you are still facing issues, try contacting Ancestry’s customer support for further assistance.

What Should I Do If the Password Reset Link Is Not Working?

If the password reset link isn’t working, try copying and pasting the link directly into your web browser instead of clicking on it. If it still doesn’t work, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies or try using a different web browser.

How Can I Change My Email Address on My Ancestry Account?

You can change your email address in the ‘My Account’ section of the Ancestry website. After logging in, navigate to ‘My Account’, then to ‘Profile’ and finally to ‘Email Settings’. Here you should be able to change your email address.

Will Changing My Email Address on Ancestry Affect My Subscriptions or Tree Data?

No, changing your email address won’t affect any of your subscriptions or family tree data. Your account information remains the same.

Why Is My Ancestry Account Locked?

Ancestry might lock your account due to several unsuccessful login attempts as a security measure. It could also be due to a suspected breach in your account security.

How Can I Unlock My Ancestry Account?

In most cases, you will need to contact Ancestry’s customer service. They should be able to assist you in unlocking your account.

How Can I Access the Ancestry UK Password Reset Page?

You can access the password reset page by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the login page. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and a reset link will be sent to your email.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Receive the Password Reset Email?

Make sure to check your spam or junk folder in case the email was delivered there instead of your inbox. If you still can’t find the email, try requesting a new password reset email.

Why Can’t I Sign Into My Ancestry Account?

There could be several reasons for this issue. You may have entered incorrect login credentials, there may be a temporary issue with the website, or there may be an issue with your browser. Try resetting your password, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, or try using a different web browser.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Sign Into My Ancestry Account Even After Resetting My Password?

If you still can’t sign in after resetting your password, it’s best to contact Ancestry’s customer support for further assistance.

We’ve thoroughly discussed various aspects of managing an Ancestry account. This includes troubleshooting password reset issues, changing an email address, unlocking an account, and accessing the UK password reset page. We also delved into the process of adding a person from another tree on Ancestry. If there are any uncertainties or questions that arise, we invite you to refer back to this guide. Moreover, we’ve covered a variety of related topics for your Ancestry account.

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