How To View Entire Family Tree On Ancestry com?

Encountering difficulties while exploring your family tree? Or perhaps you’re struggling to navigate your Ancestry account’s family tree features. Worry not, as this platform offers comprehensive solutions to all your Ancestry account and family tree-related concerns, ensuring a seamless and informative experience as you delve into your heritage.

  1. First, you’ll need to set up an account on if you don’t already have one. Sign up and log in to your account.
  2. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the “Search” option located at the top of the webpage.
  3. In the search bar that appears, type in the name of one of your ancestors and hit the “Search” button.
  4. Your search results will come up on a new page. Look for the tab labeled “Family Trees” and click on it. This action will generate a list of family trees where your searched ancestor appears.
  5. Explore the list and click on any family tree to view it in its entirety.
Tree name menu


  1. If you’ve already created your own family tree, locate the “My Family Tree” section on
  2. Find your ancestor’s name in your tree and click on it to open their profile page.
  3. On the profile page, click the “Family Tree” tab. This will present you with a list of all family trees that include your ancestor.
Tree name menu

Remember that the extent of the family tree you can view may depend on the information provided by other users, public records, and any subscriptions or access rights you may have on

How Do I Find a Specific Family Tree on Ancestry presents an accessible and engaging platform for investigating your family lineage. Its best search capabilities and seamless navigation tools empower users to effortlessly explore their family tree, identify particular ancestors, and reveal intergenerational connections.

1). Open your family tree and tap “Tree Search” in the top-right corner.

Finding someone in your tree

2). Enter the name of the person in the search bar that appears.

3). Tap on the correct name from the list that appears.

4). Use “Filters” to refine your search, “Home Person” to go to the main person in the tree, “Last Viewed” to see the recently viewed profile, or “List of All People” to see everyone in your tree.

Searching someone in the tree

The user experience of has been greatly improved with its easy-to-use navigation system. With a few simple taps, you can quickly access any name you want from your family tree, view recently visited profiles or even go through the full list of people in your tree.

Ancestry Tree Name Menu Explaining

Tap on the name of a tree to navigate to the tree overview page, all hints, media gallery, sharing page, tree settings, and a family group sheet. From here you can also tap on other family trees of people.

  • Tree overview: – It shows all recent update history of the tree and tree facts such as stories, number of people, and photos as well.
  • Media gallery: – In the gallery page, it displays all the media files available in the tree. You can add filters in media such as by type- stories, photos, video, and audio.
  • All Hints:- This page shows a  summary of all relationship facts about ancestry hints such as types of ancestry hints or numbers and also it enables sorting of ancestry hints by names or types.
  • Tree settings: In this page you will find options to change hint preferences, tree privacy, tree name, and also you can change home person name. You can also get the options to download, delete or share your tree.
  • Sharing: – It consists of steps for inviting people to view the family tree.
  • Other trees on account: – You can use other person’s trees from your ancestry account by pressing on a tree name.
  • Family group sheet: – From this option you can see a outlines of relationships and facts for people in the tree.
Tree name menu

Ancestry Pedigree and Family View

  • Family view: – It shows the family tree vertically with the home person at bottom side of tree.
  • Pedigree view: – The tree will be displayed horizontally with home person at the left side.
Pedigree and family view

Navigation buttons In Ancestry

  • Home Person: – This will navigate back to home (primary) person in family tree.
  • Zoom in /Zoom out: – It will allow you to adjust the tree size.
  • Return to (Person):- it centers the family tree to the last people you viewed from tree.
Navigation buttons

Print, Share and DNA Discoveries In Ancestry

  • DNA discoveries: – It will enable you to show Thrulines from the DNA test in the family tree. Even you have setup the tree view to public, but the DNA information is visible only to you and people with whom you have shared your tree.
  • Print: – You can click on this option to print any part of your family tree that’s displaying on the screen.
  • Share:- you can use this option to share the tree with family or friends.

Navigating in pedigree view In Ancestry

  • Move the tree down by taping on a child name of the person from the left side of tree.
  • Move up the family tree by pressing the arrow to the right most person whom ancestor you want to see.
Navigating in pedigree view
Navigating in pedigree view 2

Family view navigating In Ancestry

Move up the family tree by tapping an pointer above the topmost person in the tree and down the tree by dragging the background upward.

Navigating in family view

View a profile In Ancestry

Press on a person’s name. In the window that shows, either tap on the person’s name or on the profile button.

See a Specific Person’s Tree In Ancestry

To see a person’s family line in your tree, press on the person in the tree, then click on tools menu and choose view his/her family tree.

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