Why My Ancestry DNA Results Aren’t Mailed

After preparing the DNA results Ancestry will post them to your account and send an email invitation to see the data online. Test results are not sending by email from ancestry. To find out your DNA results, you need to visit Locating AncestryDNA Results page.

Why Ancestry Post Results Online?

AncestryDNA results data may change over the time. Mailed DNA results may capture a snapshot of the results at a certain point, but quickly they will be outdated- mainly DNA matches, which slightly updated whenever new DNA matches perform the test. Also, Mailed DNA results would not reflect any officially updated data that ancestry release to the ethnicity results.

SO the Ancestry will post the DNA results data only, by this they can deliver the DNA updates in real-time and release the new features as well when they developed.

Printing The Ancestry Results

  • Navigate to Ancestry website and click on the DNA tab and choose DNA story.
  • On the DNA story page, tap the print icon available at the top of the webpage.
  • Now press the tab DNA results to get one page summary of results or the DNA story to print the detailed DNA report. After you choose a option click on Next. To print both DNA story & DNA result, print one option first and then go back to another option and print the next.
  • Now you will see a preview page, click on Print or OK to print the results. Depending on the web browser you are using the result appearance and printing steps may differ.


If you are not getting your Ancestry DNA results by email then here we provide you the reasons why you are not receiving results by mail. Also here you can find the complete process of printing the DNA results and complete DNA reports from Ancestry.

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