Ancestry Hints on Ancestry

Ancestry Hints refers to the records or family trees of other people that consists information about the individuals in your tree on Ancestry. If you need any help with the Ancestry hints that are attached to wrong person, then read the details Hints for wrong person.

To get more information about potential mother and potential fathers in a family tree, check Potential mother &  Father Hints. And to know about how the Ancestry hints are updated refer How hints are updated .

Below are the databases that includes in hints, these database offers the basic information from the most viewed Ancestry records:

  • Census records
  • Public Family trees
  • Birth, Marriage, and death records

Where to Search Ancestry Hints?

  • Available with Individuals of your tree: Ancestry hints that are available in your family tree displays as leaves or as potential mother or potential father. Press on a people, and then tap on their number of hints.
  • On a individual’s profile in your tree: – Go through the Hints section of profile page of someone in your family tree.
  • In family tree’s name menu:- press on the tree name from the top-left corner and choose all hints.
  • In navigation bar:- At top of any page on your Ancestry account, tap on leaf from the top-right corner.

How to Accept, Ignore, Undecided and New Hints On ancestry

You can accept or reject any Ancestry hints by selecting someone in your trees > “Hints” tab > Review” or “Ignore”.

  • Undecided: Whenever you mark a Ancestry hint as Maybe from the review page of hint, then the hints goes to the Undecided section.
  • New: This tab has all the hints that are not been ignored, accepted, or marked as undecided. Once a Ancestry hints have been moved from the New tab, it can’t be revert back.
  • Ignored: Ancestry hints can be disregard by pressing on Ignore. If you want to move back hints from “Ignored” to Undecided, then press on Don’t Ignore.
  • Accepted: When you choose and accept a hint, then the Ancestry hints will move to Accepted category. Once the hint is accepted, all their information in that particular hint is combined into the family tree information and you need to remove them manually if you have decide that hint is wrong.

Turn Off or On Hints In Ancestry:

If you want to enable Ancestry hints notification only for some trees and not for all others, you can do that continue to view hints of all the matches trees but only get the notification updates for the trees you choose to recieve notifications.

  • Go to any page of your ancestry account, from the top-left corner press on your name or username and then choose Site preference”
  • To enable recieving hints about thepotential family trees crafted by other Ancestry users, choose the option available as Display Ancestry Member Tree Hints”.
  • For recieving hints about potential father or potential mother for individuals in your tree, select the available option of Display Potential Ancestor Hints”.
  • If you want to turn off all the hints from all family trees, deselect the option from menu Receive hint notifications” and if you want to turn off hints only from some trees then delect only those trees.
  • Now after you have done, press on Save”.

Unavailable Ancestry Hints

A earlier displayed hint is unavailable to you when its source is removed or the owner has made it available privately. When you try to review a hint that shows pending and comes from a source that is not available publicly or removed, then hint will show a message as “The hint is no longer available” check article about unavailable ancestry hints. Sometimes these kind of hints may create confusions but they will eventually deleted.

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