How to Correct Wrong Information in Ancestry?

When encountering inaccuracies in an Ancestry record or when you wish to enhance the searchability of your data, you have the option to add alternate details or report the issues. This includes the ability to add an alternate name in Ancestry, thereby enriching your family tree with more comprehensive information. If you require assistance in rectifying issues with your family tree, please refer to the final section of this guide.

  1. Follow Standards: Adhere to standards when entering data into your tree. For instance, women should be entered with their maiden names, and places should be entered from the smallest jurisdiction to the largest. Following these standards helps eliminate mistakes and allows automated systems to function more accurately.
  2. Be Purposeful: Be mindful when adding information to your tree. Immediately review your tree after any automatic process occurs to ensure that the information was added correctly. This includes checking the data after merging records or importing data from other trees.
  3. Check for Duplicates: Use the “Merge with Duplicates” feature to clean up any duplicate entries in your tree. Duplicates can occur for various reasons, such as entering the same person twice or merging information from another tree.
  4. Review Comments: Regularly review the comments left on your tree. Other users can provide valuable insights, point out potential errors, or share additional information. Be open to feedback and respond when necessary.
  5. Use Different Views: Try viewing your tree from different perspectives to spot potential errors. For example, the index view provides an alphabetical list of people in your tree, which can help you identify any missing information or duplicate entries.
  6. If you find errors in your tree, correct them immediately. This could include transposed numbers, incorrect locations caused by autofill, or incorrect names.
  7. Use Tools: Utilize tools like Family Tree Maker’s data error report to identify potential errors. This tool can check for things like children born before their mother was of childbearing age or people who lived beyond a certain age.
  8. Help Others: Leave comments on other users’ trees to help them spot potential errors. Be kind and respectful in your comments, and appreciate when others do the same for you.

Requirement of adding alternate information:

When you add any details to record index, ancestry will keep your original indexed details as well, In case if you want to find relatives photos on ancestry then you have to visit yearbooks. Generally these are the common reasons why you need to add alternative information.

  • Transcription errors
  • Name variations
  • Nicknames
  • Name changes like birth or maiden names
  • Incorrect original records

How To Correct Wrong Information in Family Tree

  • Finding help with detaching a incorrect relationship and adding the correct one, and also with addition of “half” relationships to a tree, review our post of fixing relationships in ancestry trees.
  • To help merging duplicate people in your family tree, see merging duplicate persons.
  • To get help adding step family, siblings, adopted family, unmarried parents, or more than two parents, or any unrelated person, review adding people to a tree.

How To Report Issues And Add Information in Tree Records

To report a issue from the ancestry record detail page, tap on “Add or update information” or Report a problem and follow the process to submit the correct information.

Correcting a Record

From a record image if you want to report an error, tap on tools” icon from the right side of page and choose the option as Report problems” and then follow the instructions to submit the corrections.

Final words

If you want to add alternate information on your ancestry tree or update a wrong information with correct one then you can follow up the above process. It will helps you saving your time and do the task quickly. Still, if you have any confusion or query or looking for any other information about ancestry tree, you can comment us here.

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