How To Give Ancestry DNA As A Gift

You can purchase and send Ancestry DNA as a gift to anybody whom you want. If you are not aware of the process for how you can give ancestry dna as a gift then our guide will definitely help you. Here you can find solutions like can I buy ancestry DNA as a gift, or how you can purchase an Ancestry DNA and how to send ancestry DNA kit with your name on it.

AncestryDNA Purchasing As A Gift

If you order ancestry DNA kit as a gift, it can be directly shipped to you or if you want you can send it to the gift recipient as well. With standard shipping method AncestryDNA kits takes approx two weeks to arrive, and 3 business days if use expedited shipping. Ancestry DNA kit is not connected to an individual till the time it is not activated using the DNA kit activation code.

How To Order Ancestry DNA Kit As A Gift?

If you don’t own a existing Ancestry account, then you may register a new ancestry account and then select “Buy Now”. If you have an existing account then login using the right credentials in ancestry and press on DNA tab.  Now choose Buy Another Test.

Ancestry DNA Shipping as Gift to another recipient:

When you are purchasing an Ancestry DNA kit for another person, fill up the recipient’s address in the “Ship to” field of payment & address section. Billing address should still have your own address.

How Your Ancestry DNA Kit Shipping Package Will Look Like?

The package described as AncestryDNA,  so if you have mailed the kit directly to another person, they’ll see what about the package is when they get it via mail. AncestryDNA kits can’t be send to any person living outside the U.S. Your name will not display on the package, So if you have sent a DNA kit to someone and want them to know it’s from you, let them know its from you and if you want to track Ancestry DNA then you can do that through this guide.

AncestryDNA purchasing Receipt:- After successful delivery of DNA kit, you’ll get a receipt by email. Package shipment doesn’t include any receipts. The Person who will receive AncestryDNA can’t see its price or name of the person who purchased it.

How To Check Ancestry DNA Test Results of Recipient?

When the DNA test results are ready to show, it will appear on the performer’s Ancestry account, in DNA tab section. If the test taker doesn’t have any ancestry account, they can create a free account and they don’t require to have membership plan in order to see their dna results. If they want you to be able to check their Ancestry DNA result, they can share their test result with you, or also make you manager of their test. If they share the results with you, a button will show on the DNA homepage as “View Another Test”.

Can I Buy an Ancestry Gift Membership for Myself

Yes, you can buy an Ancestry gift membership for yourself

Buying Ancestry Health Kit as a Gift:

Process to buy AncestryHealth: Sign in to your Ancestry account and tap on the Health tab. If you don’t have an Ancestry account create a new one using this guide. Now scroll down to bottom of the page and press on Buy Now.

New Ancestry Tests: AncestryHealth is available only for U.S customers. It can be purchased as a gift. The AncestryHealth test can be sent either directly to you or to the recipient you have sent as ancestry DNA gift. The name on shipping address doesn’t affect the person who take the test. An AncestryHealth kit is not connected to any individual until you activate it using the kit activation code.

Upgrading the existing AncestryHealthTests:-  Tests upgrade functionalities are only available for U.S customers. Any person can upgrade the test from AncestryDNA to AncestryHealth. However, this upgrade can’t be purchased as a gift for someone else. All upgrades must be purchased in the Ancestry account the DNA results are in.

AncestryHealth Kit shipping to recipient as Gift:

While you purchase AncestryHealth, enter your recipient’s address in the “Ship to” field of payment & address section. Billing address of the AncestyHealth should still be your own address.

How it looks as a Gift package to recipient?

Arrived package that comes via mail will say AncestryHealth, so if you mailed the AncestryHealth kit directly to someone else, they will know what the package and kit is all about when they get it by mail. AncestryHealth kit can’t be shipped outside the U.S region. Your name will not written on the package, so if you have sent AncestryHealth kit directly to anyone else and would like them to know that it is from you. Then you will need to allow them to know.

Ancestry Health Kit buying Receipt: You will get AncestryHealth kit receipt by email. Package shipment doesn’t include any receipt. The person who receives the AncestryHealth kit can’t able to see the price and the name of the person who purchased it.

Where to see the DNA test results of recipient?

When the AnestryHealth results are ready to display, it will appear on the test taker’s ancestry account, in the health tab section. AncestryHealth results can’t be shared on Ancestry, so you will not have access to anybody else’s ancestry results.

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