How to Delete a Family Tree On

Are you looking to delete a family tree that you have created or that someone has shared with you on Our detailed guide provides you with the most reliable methods to permanently delete any tree from your property. Whether it’s a tree you’ve painstakingly built over time or one that has been graciously shared by a fellow genealogy enthusiast, we understand that managing and organizing your family trees is crucial. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you’ll feel secure when deleting family trees from and be able to keep it tidy and organized.

How To Delete Ancestry Family Tree Created By You

Whenever you remove a tree that you have uploaded or created at it will be deleted permanently. Before being attached to the tree if any media or facts are available on the ancestry site, or if your family tree was publicly available in the past, then facts/media were remain on the website.  When the tree is deleted from the ancestry website, tree name will still shows in search results of till the family tree is indexed again. But if a person clicks on the tree shown in the results, they will get a message stating that the tree is removed.

  1. From any page within your Ancestry account, click on “Trees” and select the desired family tree.
  2. Within your tree, click on the “tree name” located in the top-left corner and choose “Tree Settings.”
  3. On the Tree Settings page, navigate to the bottom-right corner and click on “Delete your tree.”
  4. Confirm the action by pressing “Delete.” Keep in mind that once the tree is deleted, it cannot be restored.

By following these instructions, you can easily manage and remove family trees within your Ancestry account. and the information related to delete person from ancestry tree and the given URL might have more detailed or updated instructions. I recommend checking the how to delete a person on ancestry page directly for the most accurate information.

How to Remove A Ancestry Tree Shared With You

If you want to delete a tree that someone has shared with you on, then after removing it from your end the tree will not be deleted for them. Also, they didn’t get any notification about the tree removal.

  1. Access your Ancestry account and click on the “Trees” tab from any page. Then, select “Create & Manage Trees.”
  2. Locate the “Trees shared with me” option above the list of trees, and click on it.
  3. Find the tree you wish to remove, and click on the “Remove from the list” link situated on the right side of the tree.
  4. Confirm the action by pressing “Ok.”


We hope you found our article helpful in guiding you through the process of deleting a family tree from your Ancestry account. Additionally, we have provided a guide on how to delete Ancestry DNA as well, in case you are interested. Your feedback and questions regarding this post are invaluable to us. They not only motivate us but also enable us to deliver more relevant and useful information about Ancestry trees. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us, as we strive to continually improve our content on our website.

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