How To Gather Ancestry DNA

Before going to gather your DNA you need to activate ancestry DNA kit to know the process of activating ancestry dna kits you click visit that page and activate your DNA kit. then you have to follow below 6 steps process to gather your DNA.

Step 1: Just to gather the DNA, firstly you have to fill the tube above the wavy line with your saliva. As it is easy to gather the saliva and it should be not less than the ¼ teaspoon

Fill the tube

Step 2: Then you have to remove the funnel from the tube and put the cap tightly just to release the solution that helps to stabilize the DNA in your saliva.

Replace the funnel

Step 3: After that, as you know that it will works when the solution is turned into the blue then you have to release the stabilizing fluid.

Tighten to release

Step 4: Now you have to shake the tube for the 5 seconds just to make ensure that your samples get the mix and if it gets mix well then our lab can process your sample in the best way.

Shake the tube for at least five seconds

Step 5: You have to make sure that the sample should be placed in the collection bag that is provided in your kit of DNA and you have to seal the bag with the adhesive strip.

Place the tube

Step 6: In the last, you have to place the sample in the prepaid mailing box and mail it when your same is ready

Mail in your sample

After that, you will be able to easily access your personalized results on the anytime.

Precaution- You have to make sure that your skin, mouth and the eyes are going in the contact or close to the solution then you have to immediately wash with the water. Please do not ingest the solution in the tube cap and keep this DNA kit away from your small children as it may harmful for them. It may burn the eyes as well as the skin of the children.

Where Is the Adhesive Strip in Ancestry DNA Kit?

The adhesive strip can be found in the collection bag. Once you have collected your saliva sample using the provided tube, you will need to seal the collection bag containing the sample tube. The adhesive strip is located on the flap of the collection bag. To use it, simply remove the protective backing from the adhesive strip and fold the flap over, pressing firmly to ensure a secure seal. This will keep your sample safe during transportation to the AncestryDNA lab.

Ancestry DNA Stabilizing Fluid Not Releasing

If the stabilizing fluid in your AncestryDNA kit is not releasing into the bottom of the tube, carefully try loosening and re-screwing the cap tighter. This should allow the stabilizing fluid to drain into the bottom of the tube, ensuring that your saliva sample is properly preserved for analysis at the AncestryDNA lab.

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