Ancestry Tree Not Showing Relationships?

Having the various kind of the error when the ancestry tree is not showing the relationships. So, if you want to get the solution and the process to fix the person in the family view. Then here, you will get the proper guide which will be helpful for you. So, lets begin with the complete information about the ancestry.

How To Fix Ancestry Tree Not Showing Relationships

Well without fixing the relationship mistakes in your tree, you cannot see your tree in the family view again. For that, you have to remove if someone is connected or fix the relationship. Just follow the below steps and you will get you know how to can easily fix the tree in the family view.

  1. On the left side, you will see the button of the “pedigree on your tree”. So you have to click on the button.
  2. After that click on the person that you want to change the relationship. For that, you have to click on the “tree search” option which is given in the top-right corner. From here, you can easily search them in your tree.
  3. Once the person is search then click on the person and click on the “profile”. Now you will see on the top-right corner of the page, you will see the option of the “edit” and select “edit relationship”. Please click on them.
  4. Most of the person want to disconnect the relationship with the other person. Then you just need to click “X”. From this, you cannot remove the person from the tree. Only it just removes the connection between both of them.
  5. In the tree, if the person is recorded as the mother of the other and in case there relationship were disconnected. Then the mother is not the parent of the child and the child has no relationship with the mother.
  6. In the last, you have to click “remove” which appears in the menu option. This option will going to remove from the tree.

What Is  Family View and Pedigree View

Family View

Family View is the view where the ancestors of the tree can easily extend towards upward and the descendent of the tree can extend towards downwards. So basically, there are two types of the error that occur in this view. It may be result in duplicates in the tree or may show the error when the trees are together. Just to solve these errors, you need to switch to the pedigree view.

Pedigree View

Pedigree View is the view where the descendants of the tree can easily extend to the left and the ancestors of the tree can extend to the right. In the instance, if the people has the two role in the family of the tree and they try to insert them in the both role. Then this view is known as the pedigree view.

How To Fix Tree Errors In Ancestry

Problem With Tree or missing people in your tree: When you signed in the wrong account then this error arrives. It is basically when you click on the tab of the tree and do not see your tree. In that case you have signed with the correct account then only you can see your tree which is missing. Most of the time what happens, tree is there but the people are missing. So, you have to do the reach about the missing family trees in the other post.

Problems with calculator or home button of Relationship
: Usually, you will face the problem when the calculator of the ancestry does not show the page of the profile. Even when the home button does not take you the person when it should take to. You need to address these issues and consult with the

When You Add The Relationship: The Main issue that comes when you add the various relationships. Because it is very difficult to add the step family or even adopt the family. In case you are not married and you give a birth to the child together. Then in that case, you definitely find the error. For that first of all you need to add the people then only you can solve this error.

Now we can assure you that after reading this article. You cannot need to search more about the error that arises in the family tree. Even, I have shared the process to fix the tree in the family view. And, I am sure that you will find this article informative. Do not forget to share your experience.

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