What Is The Price Of Ancestry DNA Kit

Basically, the cost of the ancestry DNA Kit is $99 and you have to pay the charge of the shipping and the various taxes also. With this kit, you will get the collection tube for the saliva with the full instruction and the pre-paid return mailer. In this Ancestry DNA cost include the fees of the lab and the DNA test kit. You can easily get the DNA kit online in Australia, Canada, and Ireland. If you want to purchase this DNA test kit in these countries then you have to visit the homepage for the buy ancestry DNA test kit.

How Much Is Shipping for Ancestry DNA Kit

The shipping cost for an Ancestry DNA kit is $29.99 for the first kit. If you’re planning to order more than one kit in the same order, each additional kit will only cost $10 for shipping. This cost is comprehensive, covering not only the delivery of the kit to you but also the return shipping to the provider. Any other shipping expenses associated with the DNA testing service are also included in this amount, so you won’t need to worry about any additional postage costs.

How Long Does It Take for Ancestry DNA Kit To Arrive at Lab

After you mail your saliva sample for the Ancestry DNA kit, it is sent to a laboratory for a series of tests. From the date the laboratory receives your sample, you can expect to receive your results within an eight-week timeframe. However, it’s crucial to note that for the laboratory to process your sample, you must first activate your kit. The time it takes for the kit to arrive at the lab can vary based on postal service speed, but the processing and results generation will take up to eight weeks from the date of receipt.

How To Return Ancestry DNA Kit

To return an Ancestry DNA kit, collect your saliva sample, secure it in the collection tube and bag, then place it in the prepaid return mailer. Drop off the mailer at your local post office. Ensure you activate your kit online before mailing. Results are expected within eight weeks from when the lab receives your sample.

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