How to Hide Ancestry DNA Matches?

Do you want hide your DNA matches from your list? You can do that easily following a few steps given below.  When you hide a DNA match from your list, still they can find you in their matches list till they hide you or you may choose the option of not to be listed.

To select the not to be listed as a match, which limits you from seeing the matches and your DNA matches from seeing you, press here.

Hiding Ancestry DNA Matches

Hiding a match will disappear the DNA match for you, but still you will be shown in their match’s list. You can also unhide the matches that are still in your hidden list.

  • From the DNA matches list. Press on “Name” or Username” of the match that you would like to hide for you.
  • Tap on Tools” and choose Hide Match”.
  • Click again on Hide Matches” in the menu that appears.

Unhiding Ancestry DNA Matches

I f you want to unhide a match for some time and then re-hide again, you can do that also.

  • To unhide a match from your list off DNA matches, Tap on “Groups” and select “Hidden matches”
  • Now press on “Name” or “Username” of the match that you are restoring.
  • Press on “Tools” options, and select “Show Match”.
  • Again press on “Show Match” in the menu appears.


This article will definitely help you in hiding the DNA matches and restoring them again in your matches list.  Let us know if you are looking for any other solution for your Ancestry DNA account.

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