How to Choose Not To Be Listed As An Ancestry DNA Match?

Ancestry gives you flexibility to change your visibility preferences for DNA matches at any time.  If you would like to get estimate ethnicity without being listed as a potential match to your relatives, you can select option for not to see your DNA matches or be listed as their DNA match.  The Ancestry option to hide DNA matches offers you more control over the data and privacy.

If a DNA matches that you’ve select or starred to choose not to be listed, the star and attached note will be fade out until they become listed again as your match. You don’t get notification alerts if any of your DNA matches chooses not to be listed.

Become Unlisted In Ancestry DNA

If you select not to be listed after starring the matches or adding notes, stars and notes will shown again when you will become listed again.

  1. Go to your Ancestry account, press on DNA tab and choose your DNA results summary.
  2. From the DNA homepage, Tap on Settings on the top-right corner.
  3. Navigate to privacy section, below the Display preference heading, Press on Change next to DNA matches.

Now if you have selected not to be listed, you can also enable listed from the same section.

  1. Choose and you will not see your DNA matches and not shown listed as a DNA match.

Becoming Listed In Ancestry DNA

  1. Go to any page of your Ancestry account, press on DNA tab, and select the DNA results summary.
  2. From the DNA homepage, Tap on setting option available at the top-right corner.
  3. Now in the privacy section, after display preference heading, press Change next to DNA matches.

Frequently Asked Questions For Ancestry DNA Match Listing

  1. Can I see my DNA matches without being shown to them?
  • No, If you want to see people who have matching DNA, you need to permit others to see you as listed matches.
  1. What happens when I select the option to not be listed as match?
  • If you become unlisted after getting your DNA results, the DNA matches list will also disappear until you become get listed again. If you select not to be listed before getting the DNA results, then you would not receive list of your DNA matches until you listed again. Also you would not get access to ThruLines or to Common Ancestor Hints while you are unlisted.
  1. Can I download list of my DNA matches before choosing not to be listed?
  • No, you can’t download the list at this time.
  1. What happens to my ThruLines if I select not be listed?
  • Because the ThruLines are depends on the collected information from your DNA matches, you won’t see ThruLines until you choose to be listed as match again.


We hope this article helps you for choose to be listed or unlisted based on your privacy requirements. Write us if you are searching for any other solution related to your Ancestry account.

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