Ancestry Indigenous Americas Region

The Ethnicity result of your Ancestry DNA test will show Indigenous Americas region if you have Native American DNA or sometimes even if you have single indigenous American ancestor. If you are researching for indigenous American ancestry DNA you can take help from our guide. Searching for Native American ancestors are quite easy by using the terms like “Native American”, “Cherokee”, or “Seminole” in the keyword search area.

Indigenous American ancestors and DNA

Every person having even a single indigenous ancestor has indigenous ancestry but not all with indigenous American ancestor have Native American DNA. So it is not necessary to have every indigenous American ancestor to display as ancestry DNA Native American in the ancestry results. A person’s only half DNA is passed on their child so as the each generation passes, the existence of the DNA from given indigenous ancestor to be lost.

Passing of a DNA depends on how close an ancestor is to you.  Closer the ancestor is more likely to pass their DNA to you. If your great grandmother have only 25% indigenous American DNA, then the original indigenous American ancestor was from your great-great-great-grandparent. Although, you may have 12.5% of your DNA comes from your great grandmother. But you may not have inherited your great grandmothers indigenous American DNA. Or if you have indigenous American DNA then it is as little as it doesn’t appear in a ancestry DNA test.

A child only receives 50% of their each parent’s DNA. Typically they even can’t receive 50% of each ethnicity present in their parents. A parent having both half indigenous American DNA and half Nigerian DNA may pass their child more indigenous American DNA than other Nigerian DNA or vice versa. As the generation passes, the randomness of passing and inherit indigenous American DNA from some ethnicities being passed down with a half from each parent more than others. And in some child ethnicities will not passed and lost completely.

Why does my ancestry DNA not show my Native American heritage?

It is a key point to note that even if an individual person of your family tree was considered as Native American, it may possible that your own DNA doesn’t appear in the Native American Ancestry because each parent passes only a random half of their Native American DNA each generation.

Does DNA test show Native American ancestry?

The DNA test result of any consumer doesn’t prove an individual’s Native American Ancestry. It displays a statistical tie to potential Indigenous ancestor, which is not same as appearing direct biological descent to tribal peoples of United States.

If anyone thinks of that they can use a genetic test to know which tribe they may came from then it’s impossible to get such type of information from the DNA test.

Having Family Members Tested

If you have come from indigenous American ancestors but the indigenous American ethnicity doesn’t shown in your DNA test results. It may possibly worthwhile to test your siblings, parents or grandparents to have indigenous American ancestors.

Generation-wise, your parents, grandparents or great grandparents or other further back relatives you have tested is, likely to have their ancestry DNA results Native American and contains indigenous American ethnicity. This may be due to your indigenous American ancestor is close relative to that person than you.

If you neither have a parent nor have a grandparent available for test, testing a sibling for indigenous American Ancestry DNA may help. This may have because you share 50% of your DNA ethnicity with your sibling and they may have inherited the ethnicity that you didn’t from your parents.

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  • My DNA test came back as 75% Indegenous Americas, therefore, I can write down Native American on any legal document, correct?