How To Find The Biological Family In AncestryDNA

If you skip any step, you cannot find the biological family. So you have to take the proper attention by reading this article. And I am sure that you can easily find the biological family. Let us explore them below-

First of all, Take The Ancestry Test of Your DNA

You need to go under the test of the ancestry. Because it is the only way you can easily find your family. As the test of the DNA is increasing day by day. And even you can get the result on the account of the ancestry as they published. If you are still waiting for the result then the other way is you can start a tree and begin documenting your biological family. You just need to attach the result with the tree. Even if you have the doubt in your find that you have not done the test then you cannot find your close relative.

Now You Have To Review your closest Matches Of The DNA

Visit the homepage of the DNA and then click on the View All DNA Matches. Now you will see the list of the biological relative who may undergo the DNA test. If you have a high match in your list then you have a closer relationship with that member.

You will see, if the matches the public and directly link to the family tree. Then according to the number of people in the tree. You can find the member. Now you can recognize with the help of the color of the tree also. If the tree is green then it is a public tree. And if it is grey then there is no tree or it is a private tree. In case you will see the green leaf than the common ancestor is founded there.

Most of the time due to the update in the list you cannot find any closed matches to your DNA.

Just Contact Your Matches

Contacting your matches can be quite simple. For that, you have to click on the name from the list of the DNA matches. And then click on the message. Now you have to problem the information and tell that you are looking for a member of your family. So you need to check your messages regularly and wait for the reply. Once you will get the reply then it may be surprising for you.

After Contact, View Your Shared Matches

Click on the name from the list f the DNA matches. And after that click on the shared matches tab and the common matches. Now, according to the surnames, places, and specific people that have the same within the group, just review the tree of the family properly. Basically, what happens, your 1r cousin doesn’t have the tree which matches then in that case you have to work together so that you can build the one tree.

View for common Ancestors Of Your DNA

By doing the proper investigation, you can get to how much they are closely related to each other. Here you have to use the technique which is predicted relationship so that you can make an idea about the generation of the ancestor that you have created.

Now I would like to explain with the help of the example-If the common ancestor who have the 2 cousins can be the grandparent. Then you need to enter the ancestor in grandparent’s place in the tree. Once you figure out then you can move them easily according to the place which fits in.

Go For The Research OF Descendancy

By doing the research, you can reach your parent. Now you can easily identify the children and grandchildren if you find the ancestor. Because at this point in time, every non- identifying information which is adopted by the file can be helpful. Even the parents who are adopted can also be helpful. So make sure that you can use the ancestry trees, obituaries, and online directories. Just to clear the line of unknown to your family.

If the Research is Over Then Contact living family members

Now you can easily contact your family. Here once the research is over then you can easily trace your family members. Basically, family members may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and parents. Most people are not aware of how they can be connected with the family with the help of the DNA test only. So let me tell you that if you connect the people then it will help you to fill the gap. They also need the information which may be further process and once your DNA test confirms then you can contact your family members.

In the Last Step, You Have To Hire A Professional

Hiring the professional can help you to get your family easily and you can also hit the brick wall. Because the professional can have the record and also track the track. So that you can easily adopt anyone. If you are the one parent then the professional will help to locate the biological family. So hiring the professional can play a helpful role in finding the family.

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