Ancestry Unavailable Hints

While you are viewing Ancestry Hint, it may possible that you will receive a message saying that a certain hints are no longer available. That happens when a hint occur from a source that has been moved to private or completely removed from the Ancestry.

Unavailable Ancestry Hints

Why Are Hints No Longer Available On Ancestry?

Ancestry hints are not available when they are sourced from a particular database that is available but not accessible for now. Generally this may happens when a particular hint came from another user’s publicly available family tree and the particular person deletes their tree, deleted their record or photo, or it is also possible when they make their tree privately available after the hint is created.

Private family trees are accessible only for the owner of tree and to any other person whom the tree owner invites. When something is removed or made private on Ancestry, its content is immediately removed or unaccessible from the public view, but hints from that sources take long time to disappear.  So in the meantime, hints remain to show but the content is no more accessible. When you will try to view any pending Ancestry hints that comes from the similar source that was deleted or made private, then the hints will say “The hint is no longer available”.

Hints that goes into this type of category will eventually removed, but that my creates confusion for sometime.

Clearing Unavailable Hints From Ancestry

For now, there is no method available to remove these type of hints manually. If the tree owner from the hint is sourced makes the tree again public after making it private, then hints will start showing again. If the tree remains to be private or have been deleted, the hints will removed from the result when the next time family tree indexed on Ancestry account.

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