Ancestry DNA Match Categories List

At this time, you might be searching for ways to match the ancestry DNA. So reading the list of the ancestry DNA matches is quite simple and easy. As it is listed in the order of the high to the low amount of the DNA which is shared. In case, if you want to know more about the categories of the Ancestry DNA matches then below, you will get everything. So let’s move straight forward and look at each and every information. Even you can also click on the information icon and see how the DNA match may be related. So let’s have a look-

What Are The Degrees Of Separation and Removed

You might have the doubt in your mind that what is the degree of separation and the removed in this article. Then the degree of the separation means one person who is away from you. And you will understand more with the help of the example. If your parent is separated from you then it is called the one degree and if it is separate from the grandparents then it is called the two degrees.

The degree of removed means the difference in the generation. So here the first cousin belongs to the same generation that you are. Even you can also remove the first cousin with your parent’s first cousin or your first cousin’s child.

There is a wide difference between this cousin which is the first, second, or third generation. These grandparents, great-grandparents, or great-great-grandparents are the set of these cousins. And it totally depends on the generation which separates you.

The Categories To Match The DNA List

Self/Identical twin- If you belong to this category just to match your DNA of ancestry then let me tell you that you have to go for the test twice. In case, if are having the twin then they also have to take the test. The only it is clear from the test that you have the self or the identical twin.

Parent/Child- Now let’s come and check out the match for the parent or child. Basically, in this category, someone belongs to the parent or the child because if your match is the parent the definitely whether you are the mother or the father. So now you can divide the 3,275 centimorgans with the parent or the child.

Full Sibling- Here in this category, brother or the sister who shares both biological parents with you are the full siblings. Mainly, in some situations, if you have the half-siblings who is the first cousin. Then they will also appear in this category also. With your full siblings, you also share 2,400–2,800 centimorgans.

Close Family- Basically, the Close family member may include the aunt or uncle, niece or nephew, grandparent or grandchild, great-grandparent or great-grandchild, a half-sibling, or a double first cousin. So these are your first cousin and you can also share the 1,450–2,050 centimorgans. But, for the great grandparents, you can share the 680–1,150 centimorgans.

1st Cousin and Range Between 1sr-2nd Cousins- If you are in the category of the 1st cousin then you will belong to the four-degree f the separation. So the people who have the relation with the first cousins, great-great-grandparents and great-great-grandchildren, great-aunts and uncles and great-nieces and nephews, and half aunts and uncles and half nieces and nephews are falls in this category. Make sure that, you can share the 680–1,150 centimorgans with your first cousin only not other members.

2nd Cousin and Range Between 1st–2nd Cousins- Now you can match your 2nd cousin as it basically lies in the 1st-2nd range and even it has the five-degree separation. So now you can make the match with the half first cousins, second cousins, great-great-grandparents and great-great-grandchildren, and great-great aunts and uncles and great-great-nieces and nephews. Only 200–620 centimorgans, you can share with the second cousin

3rd Cousin and Range Between 3rd–4th Cousins- If I talk about the match with the 3rd cousin, then it belongs in the seven-degree separation. As second or third cousins, half-second cousins, second cousins once it is removed, second cousins when twice is removed, first cousins when twice is removed, first cousins when three it is times removed, and third cousins once removed belong to this category. Now you can share 90–180 centimorgans with the third cousin.

4th Cousin and More Distant- This category totally based on genealogical relation i.e your DNA. So, if you share with the closer relatives then you will get the result on the higher degree. If you want to know how the percentage of the DNA is shared between the relatives. Then, for the fourth cousin, the level can signify any number of the relationship that is distant. But on the basis of the genealogical relationship, you have to be closer than the six degrees when the test is taken.  About 20–85 centimorgans can be shared with the fourth cousin and the 6–20 centimorgans with a fifth cousin.

The Final Verdict 

Here, I have shared the Categories To Match The Ancestry DNA and I believe these will surely help you to understand more about the Ancestry DNA. So, it is the time when you can get more information regarding the matches and the category. Now, read this article very carefully and if you have any queries. Then feel free to ask us in the comment section and we will reach you as soon as we can.

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