Why I Am Not Getting Ancestry Emails From Ancestry.com?

If you have created a account on ancestry.com and not getting necessary email updates for your DNA data then you are at the right platform.  Here you find the important information and updates for managing your ancestry account. If you are not getting emails from ancestry.com then first try to confirm your email address by visiting to the account credential page.

The time when you reject multiple emails from ancestry.com they will remove your email address from the list. To ensure that you are allowed to receive email alerts, visit the email preference (https://www.ancestry.com/secure/account/emailpreferences) page.

Make Sure Ancestry Is Not Blocked In Your Email

If you have updated the correct email and signed up for receiving emails then possibility is issue with your email service provider.

Follow the given ways to find the issues for not getting emails:

  • Check the spam or Junk folder of your email program
  • Check your email block list and ensure you have not added ancestry.com in that list.
  • Add ancestry.com as safe sender in the email program: ancestry.com

If you have gone through all these steps and still not find any solution then try contacting your email provider for help.

Try Using Different Email Address

Still if you are not receiving emails, then change the email address you are current using on Ancestry. If you don’t own any other email address then create a new one.

Once you update the new email address on Ancestry. You will start receiving emails from Ancestry at your new email.

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