How to Update Family Tree On Ancestry

Do you want to change or update your tree information on Ancestry account? You can do so easily through your tree setting page. From these settings you can update tree name and info about it.

  • Through any page of your ancestry account, press the “Trees” tab and choose a family tree.
  • Now on the tree, tap on Tree Name” menu appear from the top-left corner and select the Tree Settings”.
  • From Tree Info” page, edit Tree Name” field and then press on Save Changes”.

That’s all after this process your tree name will be changed to the name that you have updated.


After a period, information that we have added on ancestry account will be outdates or we don’t have access to it any more. Thus we need to keep it updated and modify it timely. Keeping all these things in mind, we have shared you the detailed process of updating family tree information on

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