How to Fix “Third-Party or Local Storage Error Message” In Ancestry

When you open the account of the ancestry then most of the time, you will face the problem with the signup or even you will get the message of the error for the third-party or local storage. Then in that condition, you need to give the instruction to your system so that the system can allow the cookies. Now below, I am sharing the instruction so that your problem can be solved easily.

How To Fix Ancestry DNA “Third-Party or Local Storage Error Message”

  • First of all, you need to select your browser and need to follow the proper steps. You can open the google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even the apple safari if you are the users of the Apple device.
  • Even you are having the same issue then you need to “clear your cache and the cookies”.
  • Now you need to configure the software of the security just to “allow the cookies from the ancestry”.

In this world, everyone is using different systems. So if you are the user of Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11. Then definitely you will get a great result. But before you need to try the steps just to allow the cookies-

  • If you are using the Microsoft edge then you need to click on the three dots which is given on the top-right corner. And then Settings > View advanced settings > Cookies > Don’t block cookies.
  • If you are using the Internet Explorer 11 then click on the gear icon which is given on the top-right corner. And then Internet Options > Privacy tab > Advanced > Accept Third-party Cookies > OK.

Now, you can easily fix the Third-Party or Local Storage Error Message in any system. Doesn’t matter whatever your system is. Just carefully follow the steps.

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