How to Connect Trees on Using Member Connect ?

Member connect is the way to connect with other members of Ancestry who are researching individuals in your family tree.

How to Connect Using Member Connect

  1. Navigate to your family tree, and press on a person, then tap on the “profile” in the displayed menus.
  2. From the profile page, tap on Tools” and choose the “Member Connect”
  3. Now Go to the member connect page and click Suggested connectios”
  4. Here you’ll find a list of persons who likely to have the same people in their trees as well. To make comparison between your tree and their tree, tap on Compare”. And to save the family tree on list, press on Connect”.

How to Disconnect a Member Connect Connection?

  1. If you want to disconnect a people from whom you’ve connected through member connects tool, press on that individual in your tree and tap Profile” from the menu that shown.
  2. Through the Ancestry profile page of that individual, press on Tools” and choose the Member connect”.
  3. Go through the Member connect page, and click on Connections”
  4. In the connections menu, press on Remove” from the right side of page.

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