How To Check Ancestry DNA Ethnicity

Do you want to know about genetics tests and ethnicity of your Ancestry DNA ? Here your DNA data will be comparing to population data from 1000 regions across the globe.

Viewing Regions In Ancestry DNA

  1. To know about your ethnicity estimate, tap on the “DNA” tab and choose “DNA story”.
  • The Regions that are highlighted with solid circles ancestry solid circles are based on your Ancestry DNA.
  • The regions that are denoted with circles & dotted lines ancestry circles and dotted lines are depends on your communities- group of people who already shares a significant no. Of matches with each other.
  1. To review the complete list of all the regions we work for, tap on “See other regions tested” from the bottom of your estimate ethnicity.
  2. From the DNA regions listing page, press on a region to check the small regions within that region.
  3. In the smaller regions listing, only regions having colored dots beside them are a section of your ethnicity estimate. The remaining listed regions are that we have tested for did not found in your DNA.

Calculating Ancestry DNA Ethnicity

To find out from where you come from, Ancestry will compare your DNA with DNA of other people from known origins from all across the globe. These kind of people called as the reference panel. The Ancestry reference panel for DNA is a database panel of over 40000 DNA samples from the people are selected for their deep regional origins and well-documented family trees. Ancestry performs the survey on your DNA at over 700,000 locations and check for how much DNA you share with people of the reference panel in each & every region.

Ancestry will calculate the percentage of DNA you share in your estimate ethnicity using a specific scientific model that involves multiple quality checks of Ancestry DNA & a calculation of statistical variability which is known as range. You need to find out your range for a fixed ethnicity by pressing on a region from the reference panel. The lab will create most likely a estimate of certain ethnicity (a percentage that shown up in your DNA story), Also it generates 1000 likely estimate of ethnicity using the probabilities found from the comparison of your genetic data to Ancestry reference panel.  The range of DNA ethnicity is decided by focusing on these 1000 likely estimates. The method to calculate the range is based on the region & the value of most likely estimates.

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