How Accurate Is Family Tree Hints?

Every person may have different opinion about family tree hints available on Some people think it is 90% accurate and some believe that half of them are accurate so it varies with person by person based on their person experience with hints.

If you have some information about your family then the ancestry software can do the better job to find out relationship. Because of lack of information, it feels like the hints doesn’t be a good match for your family tree but deleting or marking them “maybe” will create confusions.

It is complex to run from the people available through the shared public tree, as often they miss matched ancestry hints that are more helpful than the hints ancestry share you periodically.

Due to updated privacy policy of, many people has set their private available trees to unsearchable to protect the deceased person details. It was hitting on ancestry’s available hints information. If they would implement another privacy setting that enables private trees to searchable only by their DNA matches.  Or it shows them in search results as a leaf hint but restricted to view only after getting permissions with user or owner of the tree. Then it will get back their users to available on ancestry and check for the hints.

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